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Henrick’s Park

A local park located on the main street of town. It has Landscape Art that tells the story of Injune and also recognises the contribution of service men & women. The park is a popular place for local couples to get married

Injune Art gallery

Located near the Information centre behind the library. The art gallery has regular exhibitions throughout the year. These exhibitions showcase the talents of local artists who are inspired by the area’s natural landscape and environment. The art gallery is open throughout the year.

Characters of Injune

These are 9 of these sculptural silhouettes that are scattered around town. Each silhouette is of a local pioneer. Beside each silhouette there is a historical story depicting the pioneer’s importance in the region.


Other Information About the Region

Injune is the perfect base for your Carnarvon Range experience and is surrounded by some of Queensland’s best National Parks, namely Mt Moffatt, Nuga Nuga, Carnarvon, Lonesome and Beilba.


Carnavon Ranges

Home to the internationally renowned Carnarvon Gorge 150kms north of Injune.

Lonesome National Park

Spectacular sandstone gorges and cliffs, offering magnificent views of Arcadia Valley and the Dawson River

Lake Nuga Nuga

The largest natural body of water within the Central Queensland sandstone belt. At the right time of the year the lake gets covered in beautiful Water lillies,  Arcadia Valley

Mount Moffatt region

Dramatic landscape with rugged ranges, sandstone cliffs, open woodlands and sandy valleys. An area with cultural heritage sites and walks to some amazing natural sculptures  This area is located 160kms north-west of Injune

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